Crinum Powelii

The Crinum lily has to be one of my favorites. It is tough, and repeatedly blooms prolific three to four foot scapes with numerous flowers from spring throughout most of the summer. The robust foliage of this crinum curves a little more than others, but it is a nice glossy green and does not look […]

Vanda beauties by nature

The Vanda originally grows on the southern slopes of the Himalaya and in the region from India to South China. The orchids grow high up there in the trees of the jungle. With her long roots the plant attaches itself in trees. The roots feed themselves with rain and morning dew. One best Dutch grower […]

Impressed by the beauty of nature ❤

Today I was again impressed by the beauty of nature ❤ ‬ While checking the pot-plants and cut-flowers at the auction, I just bumped in some beautiful Phalaenopsis. Daily I see many different beautiful flowers and plants, but at some days something just pulls your attention with WOW ! My WOW moment for you !